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So what is magnificence? Is it characterized by the symmetry of your face, is it your age, shading, race, bone structure, sexual orientation, body shape, weight or how level your stomach is? Or on the other hand possibly it’s characterized by what you find in the media or by mainstream culture and patterns, for instance huge bums and enormous lips are in, essentially in view of certain inclining famous people.

Different societies have various definitions and impression of excellence. From the Kayan clans who accept that long giraffe type necks are a definitive indication of magnificence and from age five, begin preparing their necks with substantial metal rings, to a few pieces of Asia where pale or white skin is regularly observed as an indication of excellence and luxuriousness.

Or then again perhaps excellence is down to the tasteful specialists, facialists and cosmetics craftsmen who can change faces or achieve a sprout of youth?

Viewing a lovely young lady on TV tragically portray herself as “not being extremely pretty and not in any case alluring” made me consider my meaning of excellence and needing to solicit you what your definition from magnificence is?

Have you at any point left a hot shower and attempted to take a gander at your appearance in the mirror when it’s totally steamed and misted up?

I frequently believe that is the manner by which we will in general view our excellence through misted up mirrors. We are seeing ourselves yet the image isn’t actually clear and we have restricted perceivability! The mirrors have been hazed up through various educational encounters and recollections as we have grown up, and now mix together to shape our own meaning of our magnificence.

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